Detoxify your liver to stay healthy

If your liver fails, it won’t be long before you are lying in your coffin with a lily in your […]

Detoxification – Well-being starts from within

Revising the popular saying that “ You are what you eat” or “You are what you think”, some nutritionists say, […]


Liver cancer is the third most common cancer in the world. Liver cancer in men is the fifth most frequently […]

3-Day Detox Diet

The weekend detox diet is only for 3 days and it is so simple that you can even tell your […]

Neem – Effective Ayurvedic Blood Purifier

You must have heard of colour, sound and touch therapy. Now here comes taste. Indeed, tastes can help you cleanse […]


Detoxification of our internal system is not just a solution to diseases but a necessity. For centuries, different cultures have […]