What are BITREEN® capsules?
  • BITREEN® Neem Capsules is the 1st and Standardised Neem Extract in Malaysia.
  • Each capsule of BITREEN® contains 100mg of standardised Neem extract (Azadirachta Indica) which provides 3% of total bitters that is equivalent to a medium size of bitter gourd.
  • The dosage of the active ingredient in BITREEN® remains the same for every batch.
  • Therefore, it ensures accurate dosage all the time.
  • Enhances conversion and elimination of toxins by liver.
  • Purifies and cleanses blood.
  • Each BITREEN® Neem Capsules contain 100mg of Standardised Neem Extract (Azadirachta Indica).
  • Each capsule provide 3% of total bitter, which is equivalent to 1 bitter gourd.
How does BITREEN® works:

The natural bitter of neem cleans and changes fat-soluble toxins to water-soluble toxins to be harmlessly passed through the kidneys and eliminated via your urine.

** There are no long-term side effects from taking BITREEN®. Your body will not develop tolerance to BITREEN®

Within one to two weeks of taking BITREEN®, you will notice the following signs…

  • More pungent urine
  • More eye discharge upon waking up (This is the normal discharge that all of us get when we wake up)
  • Heavily coated urine tongue (upon waking up)
  • More foul smelling breath (upon waking up)
  • And for a small minority flaring of acne.

Don't be afraid if you did notice all these signs, as these are the normal channels that the liver uses to eliminate toxins from your body. The Healing Crisis is self-limiting & will resolve by itself within a few weeks.

When doing any detoxification program, it is important to note some of the known 'Healing Crisis'. A successful program leads to release of toxins and you may notice an initial worsening symptom. It is called a 'Healing Crisis'.

A Healing Crisis is when you experience symptoms from diseases and toxins that are released during your detoxification process. This is natural and to be expected. It is self-limiting and will usually resolve by itself. This happens as the enhanced liver works to throw out old and impacted toxins.

The toxins would usually leave the body by the channel of least resistance. This usually results in a flaring up of the very symptoms that you are attempting to treat. For instance, your acne may flare up. Your eczema will be reactivated. Your rash may become red and itchy. Your sinus may act up. All these are signs that BITREEN® WORKS!