Detoxification – Well-being starts from within

Revising the popular saying that “ You are what you eat” or “You are what you think”, some nutritionists say, “You are what you don’t eliminate”. When your body holds onto unhealthy residues, it cannot operate at peak efficiency.

Detoxification has become a necessity. Detoxification is for health, vitalily, rejuvenation and to clear symptoms, treat diseases and prevent future health problems. We also detoxify to rest or heal our overloaded digestive organs.

Going on a juice and fruit fast is the common way of detoxification. At the same time, make sure you drink lots of water, eat a lot of vegetables and take blood purifier supplements like BITREEN®, the first and standardised neem extract in Malaysia. Neem is the bitter herb that helps to reduce the acidity of the blood and also serves as a liver cleanser.